Since 1999, more than 500 schools from the USA and Canada and Canadian tourism firms have placed their content marketing and digital advertising on and two Canadian online directories owned and operated by Japan Advertising Ltd - Canada Journal, also publisher of

After two decades, the three directories continue to be managed as stand-alone third-party platforms in Japanese and Chinese as well as in Korean (through a partner website). 

Two of these online portals focus strictly on Education:

Created originally and optimized in Northeast Asian languages, the content of those directories are found under search using the key-words like "Study in America" and "Study in the USA", 'Study in Canada' and 'Travel to Canada' and long-tail variations, right on the first page results of some major Northeast Asian search engines, including Yahoo! Japan and Google Japan (in Japanese),, Baidu and Google China (in Chinese), Naver and Daum (in Korean).


To benefit from being found online early on during the long buying process, they must be listed for a small annual fee on one or the other of those three, geo-specifc, language-primary online portals. That includes their landing page produced, hosted and optimized in Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean. Find out how a school or tourism establishment can register here.

One can also book a high-impact display banner for a fee that includes production and hosting. 

In 2018, the combined three platforms recorded over 133,000 unique monthly visits generating a record 5.2 million page views from over 1.6 million visitors

of Northeast Asian origin (a 4% increase in traffic over previous year) including:

  • 1.1 million potential students who navigated while motivated primarily to study in the USA or in Canada, three out of five being prospective international students still overseas while at the planning stage (the rest already living, sojourning or studying in North America).
  • Over 500,000 potential tourists who navigated while motivated primarily to travel in Canada for leisure or business, half of them being prospective foreign tourists still planning their long-haul trip and activities from overseas, the other half already living, working or sojourning in North America.

   After founding and operating Michael Bonin and Associates for over a decade and now a self-employed media sales agent, I continue to focus my practice on Northeast Asia from a North American perspective. 

   Accessed through this website, you will find links to my research specializing in best practices to be found online by travelers and student prospects of Chinese, Japanese and Korean origin. 

   Good luck engaging those markets, among the most prosperous in the world and ... thanks for visiting!

For more information, please call me at 604-737-1298 (Pacific Time - Vancouver, Canada) or fill out the Contact Us Form. Beside focusing on global digital marketing issues, I also write about, produce music and perform at the piano and as a chorister. Click here to find out more about my music activities.

Michel Bonin

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