mRbXCjacwZ1mJgwSCb48-HNpKsrrYKAqMxQdeRFRAek is a gateway website in Japanese for those studying and traveling in Canada. It is published since 1999 by the parent company Japan Advertising Ltd, whose monthly tabloid newspaper (Canada Japan Journal) was distributed in Japan and Canada for two decades until 2008. The site, totally reconfigured in 2018, offers original editorials, a blog, useful information to potential and actual students, travelers, tourists and new immigrants to Canada. 

Reproduced herewith is a screenshot of the Top of the Home Page with a recent open Menu.

Originating from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, the site promotes online the Canada 'brand' as a study and travel destination among thousands of visitors every year.

Its inbound visitor count excludes over 133,000 unique monthly visits generated in 2018 by the online directories also owned since 1999 by Japan Advertising Ltd. The traffic to those directory pages is counted and managed as stand-alone third-party platforms optimized in Japanese and Chinese as well as in Korean (through a partner website).

Two of them are focus portals about Education:

Originally created and optimized in Northeast Asian languages (but not in English), the content of those directories can regularly be found on the first page results under search using the key-words "Study in America" and "Study in the USA", 'Study in Canada' and 'Travel to Canada' and long-tail variations through

major Northeast Asian search engines, including Yahoo! Japan and Google Japan (in Japanese),, Baidu and Google China (in Chinese), Naver and Daum (in Korean).