Michel Bonin Sales Agent for Japan Advertising Ltd

Michel Bonin Sales Agent for Japan Advertising Ltd

This website BONIN DIGITAL MARKETING represents the publisher Japan Advertising Ltd whose online directories

attract a specialized traffic of international students, leisure and business travelers of Northeast Asian origin with over

1.6 million visitors annually. These focus portals serve an important need by helping those wanting to select and engage with North American educational institutions, Canadian tourism establishments and destinations. My task is to market to and contact the latter based in North America as a self-employed Media Sales Agent.

Good luck engaging those markets, among the most

prosperous in the world and ... thanks for visiting this site!


After founding in 2001 and operating for over a decade a

sales and marketing consultancy, Michael Bonin and Associates, a priority of mine is to develop and encourage the use of best practices to be found online by travelers and student prospects in their own language, that is Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Researching and writing about global digital marketing issues continues to be my passion with the main focus on Northeast Asia from a North American perspective.

A second passion of mine is to produce music and perform

at the piano and as a chorister. Find out more about my music activities by clicking here.

For more about my professional activities, go to My BIO.

I can be reached at 604-737-1298 (Pacific Time - Vancouver, Canada) or send queries by contacting me through this website.

Michel Bonin

Media Sales Agent

Global Digital Market Researcher and Writer

Japan Advertising Ltd, from its creation in 1991, has strive to provide here in North America the best traditional and digital marketing services including web hosting in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Currently, the company operates an international student agency with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We at Japan Advertising Ltd are committed and continue helping the Education and Travel & Hospitality industries based in Canada and the USA, Northeast Asians being their primary source of tourists and international students.

Through original online editorials and information services as well as proprietary directories, we promote studying in the United States and Canada as well as visiting and living in Canada.

This provides the trustworthy context to be found by placing:

a) your content marketing (through year-round listing that includes translation, production and hosting your own web page)

b) your advertising (through display banner ad) on either ones of our platforms, optimized on

the main search engines in Northeast Asian languages:

and their directories published in Japanese and Chinese as well as in Korean through our

partner site (Corea Best Magazine) for American Schools, Canadian Schools and Canadian Tourism Establishments.

Take the time to review the tools described in this website for leveraging an online presence to reach faster and convert more effectively prospects of Northeast Asian origin. Once you have evaluated our web publications and would like an establishment to be present in them, one can

register through this website. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments to make, please feel free to contact us.

If you have done so already, thank you for your business. Otherwise, I hope you can join our platforms as advertisers and listed establishments in months and years to come.

Takamichi Aoki

Chief Editor, Canada Journal and

President and CEO - Japan Advertising Ltd.